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Contact Pro-Clean Technologies Today

Contact us today for a free estimate on carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, or hard surface cleaning services in the Dallas – Fort Worth Area. Call us today at 817-GOCLEAN or fill out the contact form, and one of our customer service professionals will get back to you ASAP.

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This package has it all! The Proclean Package Plus is truly a “white glove” service. The Proclean Package Plus includes an environmentally friendly yet potent disinfectant applied throughout your home. This can be very helpful in homes with small children, toddlers love to put EVERYTHING in their mouths, don’t they? Homes with elderly family members with compromised immune systems also benefit from complete disinfectants. It is an added benefit that can target nasty pathogens in your living space and eliminate them before they can cause any harm to your family. The icing on the carpet cake is a thorough baseboard cleaning leaving your floors sparkling and sanitized! We literally take care of everything!